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Monday, January 07, 2002

A few 'Year in Pictures' links. I typically look forward to these collections and this was a pretty amazing year photographically. NYT and WPost both limited their collections to staff (or contract) images.

The New York Times: The Year in Pictures

This site is amazingly thorough, organized in before and after Sept. 11th imagery. The introduction, with commentary from Margaret O'Connor, Times director of photography, illuminates.

Best of the Post: 2001

Okay - the WP print and web divisions produce some great work but as an "experience" this package leaves me flat. Don't get me wrong the photography is world class, but the display device is clumsy. Why use Flash here? Its all still photography and captions. And why do the photos fade in and out at 5 sec rates. Not enough time especially with captions.
I'm not even going to talk about the 700k you have to download before even getting an image.

MSNBC Year in Pictures

Encompassing all of the major photo services, newspapers and even their own coven of freelancers - these 20 "slides" (some of the slides are multi-image flash slideshows with audio) cover the major issues of 2001.

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