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Monday, May 17, 2004 Spheres of Influence

This reminds me of theyrule.

One thing though ... if not for the remarks on the IN site, I wouldn't have noticed the depth of this interactive. The two initial required user steps are clumsy.

First, you have to "ROLL OVER SPHERES TO LEARN MORE" which I did. I was rolling over all eight of them to see the content, or what I thought was the content ... yet only during the rollover, and at the bottom of the text, do you see the call-to-action into the main content. And the text on the call is "CLICK SPHERE TO EXPLORE" ... well, I thought I was exploring.

It's one thing to put intro content behind a rollover, but take care with the main call-to-action. And if you have to (say because you feel the need to display eight grafs before getting into the main interactive), do something to draw more attention to the payoff.

And speaking of payoff, I had no idea what I was going to get for my rollover and click.

I bet 50% of the users don't make the click, and that's being generous.
Go ahead, track it ...