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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Week in Pictures -

UPDATE Jul 21: Very exciting news out of Redmond. It appears that you can now see their slideshows on Firefox and Safari on Macs WITHOUT installing this extension.

For all of you who installed the extension, uninstall it and get over to TWIP.

OK, at this point I've had 3 people email me to ask what's up with MSNBC's slide shows now that they've redesigned the site. You see, they don't work on Macs in Safari or Firefox. I suspect they work on IE, but I haven't opened IE on a Mac (other than to test something) in 18 months, so I'll have to assume it works there.

I haven't worked at MSNBC since 2003 but I strongly believe that their picture editors are some of the best of the web. I want to see their work.

So I've made a Firefox extension that bypasses the problem and links directly to the slide shows. Hopefully this extension's usefulness will be short and we'll have our Week in Pictures back soon.

Install Firefox Extension

For those on Safari, sorry. I got nothing.